Scoring Summary


2ndGurriel doubled to left, Cooper scored.01
3rdAllen reached on bunt single to pitcher, Peterson scored, Langeliers to second.11
3rdRuiz singled to left, Langeliers scored, Allen to second.21
3rdLaureano doubled to center, Ruiz scored and Allen scored.41
3rdLaureano scored on throwing error by pitcher Alcántara.51
4thStallings hit sacrifice fly to right, Gurriel scored.52
5thCooper homered to left (363 feet), Arraez scored and De La Cruz scored.55
8thArraez reached on infield single to second, Wendle scored, Stallings to third.56
8thDe La Cruz struck out swinging, Fortes scored, Arraez to second on passed ball by catcher Langeliers.57
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