Scoring Summary


1stMelendez doubled to left, Pratto scored.10
1stPerez singled to center, Melendez scored.20
3rdPratto homered to right (407 feet).30
3rdMelendez singled to left, Witt Jr. scored.40
3rdDavis grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Wendle scored, Berti out at second.41
3rdArraez doubled to left, Davis scored.42
4thBerti tripled to right, Fortes scored and Wendle scored.44
4thDavis doubled to right, Berti scored.45
4thArraez singled to center, Davis scored.46
5thFortes singled to center, Gurriel scored.47
6thDe La Cruz homered to center (417 feet), Arraez scored.49
8thGarcia hit sacrifice fly to center, Perez scored.59
9thWaters singled to left, Olivares scored.69
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