Scoring Summary


1stRiley homered to right (379 feet), Acuña Jr. scored.02
1stRosario singled to right, d'Arnaud scored on fielding error by right fielder Marte, Rosario to third.03
2ndMarte singled to center, Lindor scored, Baty to second.13
2ndNimmo homered to right (397 feet), Baty scored, Marte scored and Narváez scored.53
3rdBaty singled to left, McNeil scored, Lindor to second.63
3rdArcia singled to center, d'Arnaud scored, Albies to third.64
3rdAcuña Jr. walked, Albies scored, Harris II to second, Arcia to third.65
4thÁlvarez homered to right center (392 feet), Nimmo scored.85
5thPham doubled to left, Marte scored.95
5thOzuna homered to left center (390 feet).96
6thÁlvarez homered to center (416 feet).106
6thRosario singled to center, Riley scored.107
8thd'Arnaud homered to left (401 feet), Riley scored.109
9thArcia homered to left center (414 feet).1010
10thAlbies homered to right (408 feet), Hilliard scored and d'Arnaud scored.1013
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