Scoring Summary


1stMachado homered to right center (417 feet), Soto scored.20
1stCronenworth singled to right, Bogaerts scored.30
2ndGrisham homered to left (391 feet).40
2ndSánchez homered to left (404 feet), Tatis Jr. scored.60
3rdTovar singled to center, Jones scored.61
5thKim singled to center, Bogaerts scored, Cronenworth to second.71
6thTatis Jr. homered to left center (425 feet).81
6thGrichuk doubled to left, McMahon scored, Moustakas to third.82
6thMontero singled to right, Moustakas scored and Grichuk scored, Montero out stretching at second.84
7thDixon homered to center (430 feet).94
8thMoustakas homered to right center (441 feet), Díaz scored.96
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