Scoring Summary


1stDubón scored on Megill wild pitch, Tucker to third on wild pitch by Megill.01
1stBregman singled to left, Tucker scored.02
2ndMarte doubled to left, Vogelbach scored and Baty scored, Nimmo to third.22
2ndLindor hit sacrifice fly to right, Nimmo scored, Marte to third.32
3rdVogelbach doubled to right, Pham scored.42
3rdJulks singled to center, Tucker scored and Bregman scored.44
3rdMcCormick homered to right center (390 feet), Julks scored.46
4thVogelbach singled to center, Lindor scored and Marte scored, McNeil to third.66
4thBregman singled to right, Dubón scored.67
4thDiaz homered to left center (386 feet), Bregman scored.69
6thAlonso homered to center (432 feet), Lindor scored.89
7thMaldonado sacrificed, Julks scored, Peña to third.810
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