Scoring Summary


1stGarcia homered to left (389 feet).10
1stBuxton hit sacrifice fly to left, Correa scored.11
2ndTaylor singled to right, Castro scored.12
3rdPratto singled to right, Witt Jr. scored.22
5thBuxton hit sacrifice fly to center, Kepler scored, Correa to third.23
8thPratto homered to right (362 feet).33
8thJulien homered to right center (413 feet).34
8thTaylor reached on bunt single to pitcher, Gallo scored, Vázquez to second.35
8thKepler singled to right, Vázquez scored, Taylor to third.36
8thCorrea singled to left, Taylor scored, Kepler to second.37
8thKirilloff singled to right, Kepler scored, Correa to second.38
9thWitt Jr. doubled to center, Lopez scored, Garcia to third.48
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