Scoring Summary


1stCarroll tripled to right, Perdomo scored.10
1stCarroll scored on error, Gurriel Jr. safe at first on fielding error by shortstop Arcia.20
1stRiley doubled to center, Acuña Jr. scored and Albies scored.22
1stMurphy doubled to center, Olson scored and Riley scored.24
1stHarris II singled to right, Murphy scored, Harris II out stretching at second.25
2ndRivera homered to center (418 feet).35
2ndMarte doubled to right, C. Kelly scored and Thomas scored.55
2ndCarroll struck out, Marte scored on throwing error by catcher Murphy, Carroll to third on wild pitch by Elder.65
2ndWalker singled to left, Carroll scored.75
4thWalker homered to right (353 feet).85
4thPillar doubled to center, Arcia scored.86
4thRiley homered to left (392 feet), Pillar scored and Albies scored.89
5thArcia homered to center (421 feet), Murphy scored.811
6thCarroll reached on infield single to first, Thomas scored, Marte to third.911
6thWalker homered to center (416 feet), Marte scored and Carroll scored.1211
6thRiley homered to center (438 feet), Acuña Jr. scored.1213
8thCanzone singled to right, Walker scored, Gurriel Jr. to second.1313
9thPerdomo doubled to center, McCarthy scored and Thomas scored.1513
9thMarte singled to center, Perdomo scored.1613
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