Scoring Summary


1stYelich scored on Smith-Shawver wild pitch, Contreras safe at second on throwing error by catcher Murphy.10
1stRiley homered to center (463 feet), Acuña Jr. scored.12
3rdYelich homered to left (388 feet).22
3rdSantana homered to right (365 feet).32
3rdOlson homered to right (361 feet), Acuña Jr. scored and Riley scored.35
6thYelich grounded out to first, Toro scored, Perkins to second, Turang to third.45
6thContreras doubled to center, Perkins scored and Turang scored.65
6thOzuna homered to left center (412 feet).66
8thOlson homered to center (431 feet), Albies scored.68
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