Scoring Summary


2ndAlonso homered to center (429 feet).10
5thGarcia hit sacrifice fly to left, S. Taylor scored.11
7thBlanco scored on throwing error by catcher Alvarez, S. Taylor stole third.12
7thGarcia singled to left, S. Taylor scored.13
8thAlonso singled to right, McNeil scored, Lindor to second, Alvarez to third.23
8thBaty walked, Alvarez scored, Alonso to second, Lindor to third.33
8thVientos hit sacrifice fly to left, Lindor scored.43
8thFermin hit sacrifice fly to center, Melendez scored.44
10thAlvarez homered to center (431 feet), McNeil scored.64
10thWitt Jr. doubled to center, Garcia scored.65
10thMelendez singled to center, Witt Jr. scored.66
10thMelendez scored on a balk, Waters to second on a balk, Blanco to third on a balk.67
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