Scoring Summary


1stPerez doubled to left, Garcia scored and Witt Jr. scored.02
1stMelendez doubled to right, Perez scored.03
1stOlivares singled to center, Melendez scored.04
2ndVelázquez homered to center (411 feet).05
2ndWitt Jr. homered to left center (408 feet), Isbel scored and Garcia scored.08
2ndPerez homered to right (373 feet).09
3rdContreras doubled to left, Gorman scored, Nootbaar scored and Arenado scored.39
5thO'Neill homered to center (424 feet), Contreras scored.59
6thNootbaar doubled to right, Edman scored, Nootbaar thrown out at third.69
7thPerez singled to right, Massey scored, Perez out stretching at second.610
8thDuffy singled to left, Blanco scored and Isbel scored.612
9thContreras homered to left center (461 feet), Gorman scored.812
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