Scoring Summary


3rdSosa homered to center (397 feet).10
5thFrazier singled to right, Hays scored, Urías to second.11
7thSantander doubled to right, Henderson scored, McKenna scored and Rutschman scored.14
8thMullins grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Westburg scored, Hays out at second.15
8thMcKenna doubled to right, Urías scored and Mullins scored.17
8thRutschman singled to center, McKenna scored.18
8thSantander singled to center, Rutschman scored, Henderson to second.19
9thVaughn singled to right, Jiménez scored, Moncada to third.29
9thColás grounded out to first, Moncada scored, Vaughn to second.39
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