Scoring Summary


1stPolanco homered to center (389 feet).10
2ndPolanco walked, Jeffers scored, Julien to second, Castro to third.20
2ndLewis homered to left (401 feet), Castro scored, Julien scored and Polanco scored.60
3rdCorrea homered to center (415 feet).70
3rdJeffers doubled to left, Wallner scored, Jeffers to third.80
3rdCastro hit sacrifice fly to left, Jeffers scored.90
3rdRamírez tripled to right, Kwan scored.91
6thLewis singled to center, Castro scored and Julien scored, Polanco to second.111
6thCorrea singled to center, Polanco scored, Lewis to second.121
6thWallner singled to center, Lewis scored, Correa to second.131
7thGallo homered to right (458 feet), Julien scored.151
7thFarmer homered to left (422 feet), Stevenson scored and Luplow scored.181
7thFreeman homered to center (393 feet).182
7thBrennan singled to center, Laureano scored on error, Brennan to second, Giménez to second, Giménez safe at third on throwing error by center fielder Stevenson.183
9thWallner homered to right (408 feet), Solano scored.203
9thArias walked, Laureano scored, Brennan to second, Giménez to third.204
9thBo Naylor hit sacrifice fly to right, Giménez scored, Brennan to third.205
9thKwan grounded into fielder's choice to third, Brennan scored, Arias out at second.206
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