Scoring Summary


1stParedes singled to center, Díaz scored, Arozarena to second, H. Ramírez to third.01
1stJ. Lowe hit sacrifice fly to center, H. Ramírez scored, Arozarena to third.02
2ndSuárez homered to center (424 feet).12
2ndMoore doubled to left, Canzone scored, Ford to third.22
3rdRodríguez homered to left (379 feet).32
5thRaleigh homered to center (418 feet).42
7thPinto homered to left (380 feet), Siri scored.44
7thH. Ramírez homered to left (376 feet), B. Lowe scored.46
8thParedes homered to left (369 feet).47
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