Scoring Summary


1stContreras singled to left, Gorman scored, Arenado to third.10
2ndHicks singled to center, Mullins scored on throwing error by third baseman Arenado, Hicks to third.11
2ndUrías singled to center, Hicks scored, Frazier to second.12
3rdArenado singled to center, Nootbaar scored, Gorman to third.22
3rdContreras reached on infield single to pitcher, Gorman scored, Arenado to second.32
3rdWalker singled to left, Arenado scored, Contreras to second.42
4thFrazier singled to right, Hicks scored.43
5thBurleson singled to center, Arenado scored.53
5thO'Hearn doubled to center, Rutschman scored, Henderson to third.54
5thMullins homered to right center (370 feet), Henderson scored, O'Hearn scored and Mountcastle scored.58
6thHenderson homered to right center (422 feet).59
8thHays singled to left, Henderson scored and Rutschman scored, Santander to second.511
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