Scoring Summary


4thWalker hit a ground rule double, Pham scored.01
4thGurriel Jr. singled to left, Walker scored.02
5thHoerner walked, Gomes scored, Happ to second, Madrigal to third.12
5thMorel grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Madrigal scored, Hoerner out at second, Happ to third.22
5thBellinger singled to right, Happ scored.32
6thGurriel Jr. singled to left, Walker scored, Thomas to second.33
10thHoerner scored on throwing error by catcher Moreno, Morel stole third.43
10thCarroll singled to left, Perdomo scored.44
11thHoerner singled to left, Gomes scored, Happ to second.54
11thGurriel Jr. singled to left, McCarthy scored.55
13thHapp grounded into double play, first to shortstop, Gomes scored, Wisdom out at second.65
13thRivera reached on infield single to shortstop, Pham scored, Longoria to second.66
13thMoreno singled to right, Longoria scored, Rivera to second.67
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