Scoring Summary


2ndRodgers singled to left, Montero scored, Díaz to second.10
2ndCooper homered to center (410 feet), Campusano scored.12
3rdTovar doubled to left, Blackmon scored, Tovar to third.22
3rdJones singled to center, Tovar scored.32
3rdCampusano homered to left (374 feet), Bogaerts scored and Soto scored.35
4thRosario homered to left center (424 feet).36
4thSoto singled to right, Bogaerts scored, Tatis Jr. to third.37
5thRosario singled to center, Batten scored.38
5thTatis Jr. reached on infield single to third, Rosario scored on throwing error by third baseman McMahon, Bogaerts safe at third on error.39
5thBogaerts stole home, Tatis Jr. stole second, Tatis Jr. safe at third on throwing error by catcher Díaz.310
5thSoto singled to right, Tatis Jr. scored.311
6thJones homered to right (394 feet).411
6thBlackmon hit by pitch, Díaz scored, Doyle to second, Rodgers to third.511
8thDoyle tripled to right, Rodgers scored.611
8thBlackmon singled to center, Doyle scored.711
9thDíaz doubled to left, Jones scored.811
9thRodgers singled to center, Díaz scored, McMahon to second.911
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