Scoring Summary


1stWitt Jr. tripled to center, Garcia scored.10
1stMelendez singled to right, Witt Jr. scored, Velázquez to second.20
1stOlivares doubled to left, Velázquez scored, Melendez to third.30
1stLoftin hit sacrifice fly to center, Melendez scored, Olivares to third.40
1stAlvarez doubled to left, Peña scored.41
2ndJ. Abreu homered to right (379 feet).42
6thPratto grounded out to first, Olivares scored, Porter to second, Loftin to third.52
6thIsbel singled to center, Loftin scored and Porter scored.72
8thMcCormick homered to right center (377 feet), Bregman scored and J. Abreu scored.75
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