Scoring Summary


2ndGomes reached on infield single to pitcher, Bellinger scored, Swanson to third.10
2ndMastrobuoni singled to center, Swanson scored, Gomes to third.20
3rdSuzuki tripled to center, Hoerner scored and Bellinger scored.40
4thBellinger singled to right, Mastrobuoni scored, Crow-Armstrong to third.50
6thHapp singled to right, Mastrobuoni scored, Hoerner to second.60
6thPillar homered to left center (425 feet).61
6thOlson singled to left, Albies scored, Riley to second.62
6thOzuna doubled to left, Riley scored, Olson to third.63
7thAcuña Jr. homered to right (344 feet), Murphy scored.65
8thOlson and Wall scored, Murphy safe at first on fielding error by right fielder Suzuki.67
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