Scoring Summary


1stR. González homered to left center.10
2ndMurray Jr. doubled to center, Strumpf scored and Amaya scored.12
3rdVaughn homered to left center.22
3rdSheets scored on Smyly wild pitch, Colas to second on wild pitch by Smyly, Zavala to third on wild pitch by Smyly.32
4thMondou doubled to left, Kath scored.42
4thR. González singled to left, Mondou scored.52
5thVazquez homered to right center, Murray Jr. scored.54
5thCaissie singled to left, Crow-Armstrong scored and Verdugo scored, K. Alcántara to third.56
5thAmaya hit sacrifice fly to left, K. Alcántara scored.57
7thK. Alcántara singled to left, Aliendo scored.58