Scoring Summary


1stRiley tripled to left, Riley scored on fielding error by left fielder Cave.10
3rdAcuña Jr. reached on infield single to first, Harris II scored.20
3rdBohm doubled to center, Harper scored and Schwarber scored.22
5thAlbies doubled to right, Harris II scored.32
5thOlson doubled to center, Riley scored and Albies scored.52
5thBohm singled to center, Schwarber scored, Harper to third.53
5thStott doubled to right, Harper scored, Bohm thrown out at home.54
6thHarris II homered to center (423 feet), Arcia scored.74
6thAcuña Jr. homered to left (420 feet).84
7thTurner homered to left center (423 feet), Schwarber scored.86
9thHarper homered to left center (406 feet), Turner scored.88
10thPillar singled to center, Wall scored.98
10thArcia doubled to left, Pillar scored.108
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