Scoring Summary


3rdFriedl homered to right (385 feet).10
3rdContreras homered to center (417 feet).11
4thIndia singled to right, Fraley scored, Stephenson to third.21
5thDe La Cruz tripled to right, Friedl scored.31
5thCandelario homered to right center (423 feet), De La Cruz scored.51
5thAdames grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Contreras scored on error, Yelich safe at third on throwing error by shortstop De La Cruz.52
6thFriedl singled to center, India scored.62
6thPerkins scored on throwing error by third baseman Candelario, Turang safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Candelario, Turang safe at second on error.63
9thOrtiz walked, Yelich scored, Bauers to second, Adames to third.64
9thChourio singled to right, Adames scored, Chourio to second, Ortiz to third, Bauers thrown out at home.65
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