Scoring Summary


1stAlonso singled to right, Lindor scored, Martinez to third.10
2ndLindor singled to center, Vientos scored, McNeil to third.20
2ndNimmo singled to left, McNeil scored, Lindor to second.30
2ndAlonso singled to left, Lindor scored, Nimmo to second.40
2ndStewart homered to right (398 feet), Nimmo scored and Alonso scored.70
3rdGrossman homered to left (383 feet), Semien scored.72
4thNimmo homered to right center (383 feet), Lindor scored.92
5thLindor doubled to right, Alvarez scored, McNeil to third.102
5thNimmo singled to right, McNeil scored, Lindor to third.112
6thAlvarez singled to left, Stewart scored, Vientos to second.122
8thAlvarez singled to center, Taylor scored, Vientos to third.132
8thMcNeil grounded into fielder's choice to second, Vientos scored, Alvarez out at second.142
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