Game Highlights

Scoring Summary


1stT. Hernández hit a ground rule double, Betts scored and Taylor scored, Outman to third.20
1stOwings hit a ground rule double, Outman scored and T. Hernández scored, Lux to third.40
1stPages singled to right, Lux scored and Owings scored.60
1stPadlo homered to left, Pages scored.80
4thCronenworth homered to right.81
6thSwaggerty singled to center, Sweeney scored, Gauthier to third.91
6thAvans singled to center, Gauthier scored, Swaggerty to second.101
6thRamos doubled to left, Avans scored and Swaggerty scored.121
6thHoese doubled to left, Ward scored and Ramos scored.141
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