Bravado's road to ECS Season 5 will be a hard-fought battle

Kwese Gamer

South Africa's Bravado made the trek across the Atlantic Ocean last week to set up shop in Arizona, where the team will based for a year to competing in North American CS:GO tournaments.

But Bravado isn't taking time off to see some of the sights around their new home town of Phoenix, as they jumped straight into the qualification rounds for ECS Season 5.

But the road to competing in the season will be a hard-fought battle, but the team is inching closer with every victory.

Over the weekend Bravado managed to beat LFAO 2-1 for the ECS Season 5 North America Qualifier #3. That win secured them a spot in the Closed Qualifiers, to be held this weekend.

Here Bravado will be coming up against teams like Dignitas, Splyce and complexity - and 13 others.

But what happens if they progress further?

Well, the top four teams from the Closed Qualifiers get entered into the North American Challenger Cup.

So in theory, Bravado doesn't need to win the Closed Qualifiers - they just need to make it into the top four to progress.

Two teams have already qualified for the North American Challenger Cup - Season 4's Ghost Gaming and Immortals.

Those two teams were relegated from the North American Season 4 to this Challenger Cup. The Challenger Cup starts in March.

From there the road gets a bit tougher.

If Bravado manages to beat off the competition in the Challenger Cup and end up in the top two positions, they will be home-free for the main North American Season 5.

While it will be a huge deal for a South African team to make it this far in an international-standard tournament, the challenge of progressing grows exponentially.

Some of the biggest names in CS:GO have already confirmed their participation in the North American Seasons 5, and Bravado will come head to head with the likes of Cloud 9, Team Liquid, OpTic Gaming and SK Gaming - just to name a few.

All teams play each other in two consecutive Best of 1 matches, but that is just half of the ECS journey.

The top four teams from North American Season advance to the global Season 5 Finals, to be held in London in June - and have to battle it out against the top four teams from Europe.

ESPN Africa will be tracking Bravado's progress through this very daunting endeavour.