Bravado out of Challenger Cup after losing to Team One

South Africa's Bravado Gaming has dropped out of the North American CS:GO ECS Season 5 Challenger Cup, after losing over the weekend to Brazil's Team One.

After finishing first in the Closed Qualifiers, Bravado Gaming was thrust in the Challenger Cup, where the top four teams from the Closed Qualifiers competed against Season 4's Ghost Gaming and invited teams CompLexity Gaming, Splyce and Rise Nation.

The Challenger Cup was the last hurdle that Bravado had to overcome in order to be entered into the full-blown North American Season 5. The team has relocated to Phoenix, Arizona for the next year in order to compete in the NA esports circuit.

But unfortunately the SA team faltered in their first match over the weekend, going down to Complexity Gaming with a score of 2-1.

To progress to the next stage, Bravado had to finish in the top spots in the Challenger Cup, and losing to Complexity Gaming put them in a very tight spot. Being pitted against Team One in the Losers' Round 1 meant that everything was on the line.

Starting with Cache, Bravado had a bit of a shake up by losing the Cache map 16-6.

Trying their best for a fighting chance to stay in the competition, Bravado executed a valiant effort on Train, but were ultimately defeated 16-11.

With the two losses, Bravado had no chance of remaining in the Challenger Cup.

For detailed statistic on the match, head on over to HLTV's coverage.

"Unfortunately the #CSGO team goes down to Team One in the FACEIT #ECS Season 5 Challenger Cup. Thanks to everyone who tuned in throughout the weekend for all the support, it's appreciated more thank you think!" Bravado wrote in a Facebook post.