4-5, 1-2 away
4-5, 2-1 home

Scoring Summary

2ndZunino homered to left (415 feet), Brosseau scored.02
3rdUrshela homered to center (453 feet), Sánchez scored.22
3rdHicks grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, Gardner scored, Judge out at second, LeMahieu to third.32
3rdArozarena homered to right (355 feet), Díaz scored.34
8thTorres singled to left center, Judge scored, Tauchman to second.44
10thOdor singled to center, Hicks scored, Torres to third.54
10thSánchez singled to center, Torres scored, Odor to second.64
10thUrshela singled to deep right, Odor scored on error and Sánchez scored on fielding error by right fielder Margot, Urshela to third.84