Scoring Summary

3rdRefsnyder homered to left (386 feet).10
4thLarnach grounded into fielder's choice to first, Kepler scored and Kirilloff scored on throwing error by shortstop A. Rosario, Larnach to second, Sanó out at second.30
4thSimmons singled to right, Larnach scored, Refsnyder to second, Garver to third.40
4thDonaldson walked, Refsnyder scored, Arraez to second, Simmons to third.50
4thKepler doubled to deep right, Simmons scored and Arraez scored, Donaldson to third.70
4thKirilloff singled to deep left, Donaldson scored and Kepler scored.90
4thSanó doubled to left center, Kirilloff scored.100