Scoring Summary


1stHernández hit sacrifice fly to center, Semien scored, Bichette to third.01
2ndSánchez homered to left (410 feet).11
3rdBichette homered to right center (407 feet).12
4thGittens homered to left center (439 feet).22
4thPanik scored, Semien to second on passed ball by Sánchez, Espinal to third on passed ball by Sánchez.23
4thBichette singled to left, Espinal scored and Semien scored.25
6thAndújar grounded out to second, Urshela scored, Sánchez to third.35
7thGardner homered to right (342 feet).45
7thLeMahieu scored on Castro wild pitch.55
8thFrazier doubled to shallow left, Wade scored.65
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