38-29, 18-16 away
24-44, 14-19 home

Scoring Summary

1stMoran grounded out to first, Frazier scored, Reynolds to second, Hayes to third.01
1stStallings doubled to deep right, Hayes scored and Reynolds scored.03
1stPolanco homered to right (410 feet), Stallings scored.05
3rdReynolds homered to right (387 feet).06
6thHernandez singled to center, Zimmer scored.16
6thEvans walked, Stallings scored, Tom to second, Newman to third.17
6thFrazier hit by pitch, Newman scored, Evans to second, Tom to third.18
6thHayes doubled to deep right, Frazier scored, Tom scored and Evans scored.111
7thNaylor singled to shallow left, J. Ramírez scored, Bradley to second, E. Rosario to third.211
7thRivera singled to left, E. Rosario scored, Naylor to second, Bradley to third.311
7thHernandez homered to center (407 feet), Bradley scored, Naylor scored and Rivera scored.711
8thRivera singled to center, Clement scored, E. Rosario scored and Zimmer scored on throwing error by center fielder Reynolds, Rivera to second.1011