Scoring Summary


2ndNuñez doubled to deep left, McMahon scored.10
4thGonzález singled to right, Daza scored, Nuñez to third.20
4thFairchild grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Escobar scored, Reddick out at second.21
5thVanMeter homered to right (383 feet), Young scored.23
6thBlackmon reached on infield single to second, Cron scored, Nuñez to third.33
6thNuñez scored on Weems wild pitch, Blackmon to second on wild pitch by Weems.43
7thStory doubled to deep left, Tapia scored.53
7thMcMahon singled to center, Story scored, Rodgers to second.63
7thDaza doubled to deep left, Rodgers scored and McMahon scored, Gray to third.83
9thFuentes singled to right, Nuñez scored, Fuentes to second.93