Scoring Summary


5thBaddoo singled to left, H. Castro scored and Short scored, Baddoo to second, Rogers to third.20
5thSchoop singled to right, Rogers scored and Baddoo scored.40
5thKepler homered to left (363 feet).41
6thPolanco singled to right, Cruz scored, Kirilloff to third.42
7thArraez scored on Soto wild pitch, Cruz to second on wild pitch by Soto, Donaldson to third on wild pitch by Soto.43
7thKirilloff singled to left, Donaldson scored, Cruz to third.44
7thPolanco singled to center, Cruz scored, Kirilloff to second.45
7thKepler singled to right, Kirilloff scored, Polanco to third.46
8thBaddoo homered to right (412 feet).56
8thDonaldson doubled to deep center, Simmons scored.57
8thKirilloff singled to shallow right, Donaldson scored, Cruz to second.58
9thRogers homered to center (421 feet), Haase scored, W. Castro scored and Short scored.98
9thRortvedt homered to right (410 feet).99
10thPolanco homered to left (395 feet), Larnach scored and Cruz scored.912
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