Scoring Summary


4thPolanco homered to right (414 feet), Nogowski scored.20
4thEscobar doubled to right, Rojas scored.21
5thGamel grounded into fielder's choice to second, Frazier scored, Hayes out at second.31
5thNogowski homered to left (387 feet), Gamel scored.51
5thAhmed singled to right, Reddick scored, VanMeter to second, Varsho to third.52
6thWalker doubled to deep left, Escobar scored.53
7thVanMeter tripled to deep right center, Varsho scored.54
7thAhmed singled to right, VanMeter scored.55
7thReddick singled to left center, Ahmed scored and Rojas scored, Walker to third.57
7thPeralta singled to left center, Walker scored, Reddick to third.58
7thVarsho reached on infield single to shortstop, Reddick scored, Peralta to second.59
7thVanMeter doubled to deep center, Varsho scored and Peralta scored.511
9thHayes singled to center, Evans scored.611