Scoring Summary

1stAguilar doubled to deep center, Rojas scored.10
1stAnderson singled to right, Aguilar scored.20
2ndI. Díaz singled to right, Rojas scored.30
2ndAguilar homered to center (401 feet), I. Díaz scored.50
2ndSeverino homered to center (422 feet), Stewart scored and Urías scored.53
3rdMancini homered to left (408 feet).54
3rdUrías doubled to left center, Stewart scored.55
4thAnderson hit by pitch, I. Díaz scored, Duvall to second, Aguilar to third.65
4thDíaz grounded out to shortstop, Aguilar scored, Anderson to second, Duvall to third.75
8thSeverino grounded out to first, McKenna scored on fielding error by third baseman Anderson, Urías safe at third on error.76
8thFranco singled to right center, Urías scored.77
9thMcKenna walked, Mullins scored, Mountcastle to second, Mancini to third.78