Scoring Summary


2ndTaylor singled to left center, Bellinger scored, Beaty to third.10
2ndMuncy singled to right, Beaty scored, Taylor to second, Taylor safe at third on fielding error by right fielder Calhoun.20
2ndTaylor stole home, Muncy stole second.30
4thCalhoun homered to right (380 feet), Cabrera scored.32
5thAhmed homered to left (405 feet).33
7thJ. Turner homered to left (376 feet), Muncy scored.53
7thPujols singled to left, Smith scored, Bellinger to second, Pollock to third.63
7thMcKinney grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Pollock scored, Pujols out at second, Bellinger to third.73
9thPujols singled to left center, Pollock scored.83
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