Scoring Summary


5thHerrera homered to right center (416 feet).10
6thStevenson homered to right (388 feet).11
7thSegura scored on Machado wild pitch, Realmuto to second on wild pitch by Machado, Harper to third on wild pitch by Machado.21
7thZimmerman singled to shallow left, García scored and Kieboom scored, Barrera to second.23
9thSegura doubled to deep right, Torreyes scored, Jankowski to third.33
9thRealmuto singled to left, Jankowski scored and Segura scored, Harper to second.53
9thBohm singled to center, Harper scored, Realmuto to third.63
9thGregorius grounded into double play, second to first to shortstop, Realmuto scored, Bohm out at second.73
9thKieboom homered to left (423 feet), Hernández scored.75