71-46, 36-24 away
51-66, 27-32 home

Scoring Summary

1stKepler homered to right center (407 feet).01
1stArraez singled to left, Rooker scored, Donaldson to second.02
1stGarver doubled to deep left, Donaldson scored, Arraez to third.03
1stSanó grounded out to second, Arraez scored, Garver to third.04
3rdArraez homered to right (402 feet), Donaldson scored.06
3rdSimmons singled to right, Garver scored, Refsnyder to second.07
6thRooker homered to left (404 feet), Kepler scored.09
7thCave singled to left center, Sanó scored and Kepler scored.011
8thJeffers homered to left (398 feet).012