Scoring Summary


2ndRojas singled to center, P. Smith scored, Walker to third.10
2ndEllis singled to center, Walker scored, Rojas to second.20
4thAhmed homered to center (409 feet), Ellis scored.40
5thSegura homered to right (363 feet), Galvis scored.42
6thCabrera singled to left center, Varsho scored, Ahmed to third.52
6thC. Kelly singled to center, Ahmed scored, Cabrera to second.62
8thC. Kelly homered to left (389 feet), Cabrera scored.82
9thGalvis grounded into fielder's choice to second, Williams scored, Jankowski out at second.83
9thHarper doubled to deep right center, Galvis scored and Knapp scored.85
9thGregorius singled to right, Harper scored and Realmuto scored.87