Scoring Summary

4thBradley doubled to center, J. Ramírez scored.10
5thMercado homered to left (373 feet), Hedges scored and Giménez scored.40
5thJ. Ramírez hit sacrifice fly to left, Straw scored.50
7thZimmer singled to shallow center, Straw scored on error by second baseman Polanco, Zimmer to third.60
7thJ. Ramírez singled to center, Zimmer scored.70
7thReyes singled to right center, J. Ramírez scored.80
7thBradley homered to right (417 feet), Reyes scored.100
7thSanó homered to left (420 feet), Buxton scored and Kepler scored.103
8thZimmer grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, Giménez scored, Straw out at second, Mercado to third.113
9thReyes homered to left (403 feet).123