Scoring Summary

1stReyes grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Straw scored, Ramírez out at second, Kwan to third.10
1stRosario reached on infield single to second, Kwan scored.20
3rdPerez singled to left, Witt Jr. scored, Benintendi to second.21
4thMercado homered to left (403 feet), Miller scored.41
4thLopez grounded into fielder's choice to third, Mondesi scored, Taylor safe at first on throwing error by third baseman Ramírez, Lopez second, Taylor safe at third on error.42
4thMerrifield grounded out to shortstop, Taylor scored, Lopez to third.43
4thBenintendi singled to left center, Lopez scored.44
7thRamírez singled to left, Clement scored, Kwan to second.54
7thReyes singled to shallow right, Kwan scored, Ramírez to third.64
7thDozier hit into fielder's choice to center, Benintendi scored, Santana out at second, Perez to third.65
8thKwan tripled to deep right, Miller scored, Clement scored and Straw scored.95
9thMercado grounded out to third, Rosario scored, Miller to second.105
9thBenintendi homered to right center (407 feet), Witt Jr. scored.107