Scoring Summary


1stBelt homered to left center (385 feet), Yastrzemski scored.02
1stEstrada singled to center, Crawford scored and Ruf scored, Flores to third.04
1stDuggar hit sacrifice fly to left, Flores scored.05
1stBart singled to center, Estrada scored.06
2ndMyers doubled to right, Voit scored.16
2ndCrawford grounded into double play, shortstop to first, Belt scored, Pederson out at second, Ruf to third.17
2ndFlores singled to left, Ruf scored.18
2ndEstrada doubled to center, Flores scored.19
2ndDuggar singled to center, Estrada scored.110
5thNola grounded out to first, Beaty scored, Abrams to third.210
5thYastrzemski doubled to left, Bart scored.211
8thPederson homered to right center (388 feet).212
8thFlores homered to left (394 feet).213
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