Scoring Summary


1stSchoop homered to left (399 feet).01
3rdHernández homered to left (353 feet).11
4thVerdugo hit sacrifice fly to left, Martinez scored.21
4thBradley Jr. doubled to deep left, Dalbec scored and Vázquez scored.41
4thHernández doubled to deep left, Bradley Jr. scored.51
4thDevers doubled to left, Hernández scored.61
4thStory singled to center, Devers scored.71
5thBaddoo homered to right (369 feet).72
7thVázquez hit sacrifice fly to left, Martinez scored.82
7thBradley Jr. doubled to deep right center, Dalbec scored, Verdugo to third.92
7thTorkelson homered to left (396 feet), Castro scored.94
8thHaase singled to right, Candelario scored.95
8thReyes singled to left, Haase scored, Torkelson to second, Castro to third.96
8thMeadows hit by pitch, Castro scored, Reyes to second, Torkelson to third.97
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