Scoring Summary


1stTrout homered to center (472 feet).10
1stMarsh singled to center, Walsh scored, Rendon to second.20
2ndHeim homered to right (391 feet), Lowe scored, A. García scored and Calhoun scored.24
4thHeim singled to left, Calhoun scored.25
4thSeager homered to right (401 feet), Heim scored.27
4thLowe doubled to right, Garver scored.28
5thSeager singled to center, Heim scored, Semien to third.29
5thSemien scored on error, Garver safe at first on throwing error by shortstop Velazquez, Seager to second.210
8thStassi homered to right center (391 feet), Marsh scored.410
9thMarsh reached on infield single to third, Ohtani scored, Rendon to third.510
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