Scoring Summary


2ndGutierrez singled to right, McKenna scored, Gutierrez thrown out at second.10
3rdMancini grounded out to pitcher, Mullins scored.20
5thGonzalez doubled to left, Locastro scored.21
5thJudge reached on infield single to second, Gonzalez scored, LeMahieu to second.22
5thRizzo singled to left, LeMahieu scored, Judge to second.23
5thStanton singled to center, Judge scored, Rizzo to second.24
6thGonzalez hit sacrifice fly to center, Gallo scored.25
7thDonaldson singled to left, LeMahieu scored, Stanton to second.26
8thLocastro scored on Fry wild pitch, LeMahieu to second on wild pitch by Fry, Higashioka to third on wild pitch by Fry.27
8thJudge homered to left center (415 feet), Higashioka scored and LeMahieu scored.210
9thHays doubled to left, Mancini scored.310
9thOdor doubled to right, Hays scored.410
9thMcKenna singled to center, Odor scored.510
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