Doubleheader - Game 1
11-14, 5-7 away
17-8, 8-4 home

Scoring Summary

1stAlonso singled to shallow right, Jankowski scored, Lindor to second.01
1stEscobar singled to right center, Lindor scored, Alonso to second.02
2ndDemeritte hit sacrifice fly to center, Duvall scored.12
2ndLindor grounded into fielder's choice to second, Guillorme scored, Canha out at second, Jankowski to third.13
2ndAlonso reached on infield single to third, Jankowski scored, Lindor to second.14
4thCanha hit sacrifice fly to right, Jankowski scored.15
5thOlson homered to right center (405 feet), Demeritte scored and Albies scored.45