Scoring Summary


3rdStory doubled to left, Arroyo scored and Dalbec scored.02
5thStassi homered to left center (424 feet), Walsh scored.22
5thStory doubled to deep center, Arroyo scored.23
7thRendon homered to left (378 feet).33
8thBogaerts homered to left (397 feet).34
9thWalsh singled to right, Trout scored, Ohtani to second.44
10thWard homered to center (425 feet), Stassi scored.64
10thRendon singled to deep left, Trout scored, Ohtani to third.74
10thWalsh homered to left (386 feet), Ohtani scored and Rendon scored.104
10thBradley Jr. singled to center, Dalbec scored.105
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