Scoring Summary


1stSoto homered to right (411 feet).10
1stBell scored on error, Franco safe at first on throwing error by third baseman McMahon, Franco safe at third on error.20
2ndRodgers doubled to center, McMahon scored.21
2ndHampson homered to left center (387 feet), Rodgers scored and Hilliard scored.24
5thBell doubled to center, Hernández scored, Soto to third.34
5thCron reached on infield single to second, Blackmon scored, Grichuk to second.35
5thRodgers homered to center (438 feet), Grichuk scored and Cron scored.38
6thRuiz homered to right (424 feet).48
7thFranco doubled to right, Soto scored.58
7thRuiz doubled to right, Franco scored.68
7thGrichuk homered to right (389 feet).69
8thHernández grounded out to second, Robles scored.79
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