Scoring Summary


4thArozarena homered to right (405 feet).10
4thWalsh homered to center (427 feet), Trout scored and Ohtani scored.13
6thTrout homered to left (351 feet), Marsh scored.15
6thOhtani homered to left center (407 feet).16
7thRamírez singled to center, Franco scored, Díaz to third.26
7thWalls grounded into fielder's choice to second, Díaz scored on error, Ramírez safe at second on fielding error by second baseman Wade.36
7thTrout walked, Wallach scored, Marsh to second, Velazquez to third.37
7thOhtani homered to left (413 feet), Velazquez scored, Marsh scored and Trout scored.311
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