Scoring Summary


3rdRiley homered to center (429 feet), Acuña Jr. scored and Olson scored.30
3rdOzuna homered to left (409 feet).40
4thTaylor singled to left center, Yelich scored, Renfroe to second.41
4thTellez singled to center, Renfroe scored, Taylor to second.42
6thBrosseau doubled to deep right, Taylor scored.43
9thWong tripled to right, Peterson scored.44
10thRiley grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Acuña Jr. scored on throwing error by second baseman Wong, Olson out at second.54
10thRenfroe hit sacrifice fly to left, Urías scored.55
11thd'Arnaud singled to right, Albies scored.65
11thHiura homered to center (447 feet), Peterson scored.67