Scoring Summary


2ndSchwindel homered to left (363 feet).01
2ndWisdom homered to left (415 feet).02
3rdSuzuki doubled to left, Ortega scored.03
3rdGomes singled to center, Suzuki scored.04
7thThomas singled to center, McCarthy scored, Varsho to third.14
8thP. Smith homered to right center (411 feet).24
8thMcCarthy doubled to left, Marte scored.34
8thVarsho singled to center, McCarthy scored, Varsho out stretching at second.44
10thVarsho doubled to deep right, Marte scored on error, McCarthy scored on error and Varsho scored on throwing error by shortstop Simmons.74
10thSimmons reached on infield single to shortstop, Morel scored.75
10thVillar hit a ground rule double to left center, Simmons scored.76
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