39-24, 22-11 away
23-38, 11-22 home

Scoring Summary

1stContreras homered to right (382 feet).01
3rdContreras homered to left (382 feet), Morel scored.03
4thHoerner tripled to right, Happ scored.04
5thSchwindel grounded out to shortstop, Contreras scored, Wisdom to second.05
6thVoit homered to right center (408 feet), Cronenworth scored.25
6thMazara singled to left, Hosmer scored, Mazara to second.35
6thKim singled to shallow right center, Mazara scored.45
7thVoit doubled to deep center, Grisham scored, Machado scored and Cronenworth scored.75
7thMazara singled to right, Hosmer scored and Voit scored, Alfaro to third.95
7thKim hit sacrifice fly to center, Alfaro scored.105
8thAlfaro homered to center (404 feet).115
9thGrisham singled to shallow left, Kim scored.125